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Editorial review


Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

FancyCache For Disk (Beta) 0.6.1b is a program that will enhance the speed of your system.

It will do this by cooperating with the system memory, storing into the memory some data that, when requested, will be available sooner than if the system should need to read it from the disks.
The program works faster than Windows, using a logical block basis, instead of a virtual block basis.

FancyCache For Disk shows all the information for each disk (volumes, model, bus interface, capacity). It will let you configure the cache you want to apply, by choosing the block size, cache size, algorithm, caching strategy and defer write. The program can show you the status actually in use. You will be able to change the cache parameters, and your new settings will be active once you reboot your system. The program can show you how it is working through the Performance Monitor. This feature will display a window that will show how many bytes has been read and written, both as numbers and in a chart that will be refreshed constantly.


  • It is free.
  • It enhances your system speed.


  • None.
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